Our company has three philosophies on company formation as below;

1. Contribution (to people, enterprises, societies, and the world)
2. Altruism (we find our interests in the process of serving many people)
3. Pursuit of possibilities (we trust our infinite of possibility)

In the rapid developing internet environment, there are often conflicts between high-technology and convenience.

We have focused on the features such as low-cost, easy operation, unified management, to provide more business enterprises, and have released security software, MachLock-STATION Mu Version 1.0, from March, 2005.
Since we started to sell the product, we have received good reputations from many customers in various fields. And we have been able to add new features as the standard specification to date.

Under our corporate philosophies, our company intends to go on to develop the new products with a core of security software and authentication devices, in order to meet the market and customer needs that are predicted to become more evolved and complex in the future.
We would highly appreciate your kind attention to our company MachLock International (MLI) that continues evolution.
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