Use of personal information on the Website which MachLock International Co., Ltd. (Our company) operates, hereinafter called Our site (, is explained. Personal information is information that can identify individuals, including names, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses.
Our company recognizes the importance of appropriate handling of personal information, and our board member and employee work on the proper collection, use, and management of personal information in compliance with the following personal information protection policy.

Personal information is information that is pertaining to individual person and that can identify individuals, such as name, date of birth, sex, phone number, email address, occupation, and place of work.

Our company may ask the customer to provide personal information, in any of the following cases;
  • necessary operation to provide or stop our company services
  • customer requests or comments to our products and services
  • response to each inquiry
  • others
  • If juvenile provides his/her personal information, we recommend to receive his/her parental consent in advance.

    Provided personal information will be used to the necessary extent of the purpose of use that was indicated when we asked to provide.

    MLI tries to protect customer's personal information in compliance with each company's privacy policy. However, we are not able to assure it, due to the security property when a customer sends information to our site or when a customer accesses to our site. Please send any personal information at your own risk to our site or MLI.

    When a customer accessed to our site, customer's access log is automatically recorded. The information that our company get on the occasion of normal visit to our site, contains customer's Internet Service Provider name, browser name and version, OS type, browsed web page, accessed web page and its date and time, and spent time. We use these data for the statistics of our website usage, and make a good use for the improvement of convenience in the future.
    Also, there is no personal information left in this access log.

    Regarding the handling of customer's personal information, our company observe the laws of personal information, including personal information protection law, and other regulations.

    Our company set up the activity on personal information protection in order to handle customer's personal information properly, and provide a education to the employees. Also, while we keep the appropriate handling, we work on the relevant activity.

    Our site is operated in accordance with laws in Japan.
    For the security of provided personal information, MLI will subject to revise the contents of this 'use of personal information on MLI Website' due to the laws applied to personal information, evolution of internet technology, or change of services provided by MLI.
    Revision will be announced on our site.

    Contents above is applied in Japan.