MLS-Mu has controlled centrally in one server, and doesn't need any relay server. So, installation cost would be reduced. Also, the product is not so complicated as to restrict the operation. Because its operation is easy, cost for full-time personnel is not required.
Necessary functions for security are packaged for easy to use. All functions except antivirus function have been developed by our company, so the control console is only one.
MLS-Mu can control PCs not only in Japan but also in the world wherever Internet is available. Also, it supports multiple language, it is possible to manage OS in several language in the same system.
There are various system spec in companies. MLS-Mu has been designed light load so that it could apply to a wide range of PC. Regarding communication environment, PC under dialup network can be also controlled. It can collect log and control when the PC is off-line.
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