Each information that company accumulated such as personal information is 'valuable assets' for the business management. Recently, as the use of information network has increased, unauthorized access to the networks or personal information leakage have become social issues.
At present, due to the enforcement of personal information protection law, security becomes important keyword in every area. As a company would suffer a big loss in cost and image from an accident of information leakage, it considers again the importance of information leakage for its company's management.
Most causes of information leakage accident which occurs frequently are internal factors such as theft and leakage by in-company people. That is, the reason why those accidents are not eliminated is because there are still many companies that do not take full measurement against it. It could be considered that the information leakage from inside cause by mistakes. These would be deterred by taking all actions in ways, including log monitoring, or limitation. For the measurement against information leakage, total measures which cover both external and internal factors are required.
MachLock-STATION Mu would provide total measurement.
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